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The order is processed within 10 business days. This time may be extended for various reasons, but in such cases you will be kept informed.

Yes, it is necessary to submit a possible complaint. Should there be any discrepancies such as incorrect dimensions on the product received, this should be reported at the time of assembly. If such wallpaper is installed, the possibility of making a complaint is no longer valid.

Depending on our current occupancy, a proforma invoice may be issued from several hours to one working day from the moment the project is approved.

The project implementation time is up to 3 business days. In the case of larger projects, it may take up to more than 7 days, but then you will be informed on a regular basis.

After receiving the e-mail or telephone approval, the approved design goes to the production department. If the graphic designer has not received information about the approved project from you, he cannot transfer the project to production despite the payment.

The approval should preferably be sent directly to the graphic designer as a reply to the e-mail with the graphic design sent, in exceptional situations, you can submit an approval to the office directly by phone, or by contacting the graphic designer directly by phone.

Production begins when the graphic designer receives an email / phone call with approval from you, and the payment on the basis of a proforma invoice has been booked.

Yes, it is possible (except where some formulas do not allow it due to the construction of the working file). In this case, the appropriate color code must be sent. It can be either RAL, Pantone, CMYK, RGB or HEX code. Such information will make it easier for us to choose the color to your specific preferences and avoid guessing the shade. At the same time, we start ordering samples to check how a given color modification behaves on a given structure.

We execute our orders in the order of their arrival, which is aimed at smoothing the traffic during their implementation. Applying corrections to the design may take from several minutes to several dozen hours, depending on the degree of their complexity or the number of changes to the original design. Taking into account this fact and the order in which the orders will be processed, you can expect corrections to the order within 1-2 days. In the event of more demanding corrections, you will be informed on a regular basis.

Particular designs / variants of graphics differ from each other and often have separate working files. Not every file allows you to apply a given change, it all depends on how the pattern designer has arranged the individual layers. Hence, the possibility of making changes in one variant of a given graphics may result, but the same changes may not be possible in another variant. It is best to ask individually for each graphic whether a given change is possible or not.

In this case, it is best to report it directly to our office by phone and / or e-mail. It is best to attach photos and a detailed description of the non-compliance of the product received with the order.